I offer confidential proofreading, copy editing, or more substantive guidance on form and content for written products from legal documents to academic papers and beyond. My specialty has been admissions and other application essays.

Finding the right voice to commit to the page can be the most difficult task in navigating our academic and professional careers. Whatever the desired arena, admission to it inevitably requires some written product that captures its unique meaning to us. Effective writing has been central to my own success in accessing prestigious institutions and opportunities, and in my career I have assisted a number of professionals in their application processes as well.

My past work has largely been with classmates from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania as they successfully pursued an array of opportunities ranging from top law school admissions to elite medical residencies. I have also assisted a number of applicants to undergraduate ¬†institutions, and my own personal statement for admission to Harvard was published in¬†100 Successful Application Essays. ¬†As an alumnus participating in Harvard’s undergraduate admissions process, I have interviewed and evaluated the applications of a number of candidates, and my most favorable reports resulted in admissions.

I am happy to discuss fees and timelines on a case-by-case basis. If interested, please email me at the address provided.